Story Behind The Shoe: Cheech & Chong

These customs started with childhood memories.  Yup, growing up with my teenage, hoodlum uncles, I was always surrounded by… “mary jane”.  And back in the day, you couldn’t smoke without watching Cheech & Chong.  It was a right of passage. 

custom shoes cheech and chong

So, I was inspired to paint shoes that honored and combined my fond memories, my uncles, and the now-iconic Cheech & Chong.  The paintings are an homage to the break-out hit, and cult classic, Up In Smoke.  The shoes are covered in a vibrant green and leaves that are, themselves, iconic to the subculture. 

custom shoes, sci fi, fantasy, anime, animation, manga, cheech and chong

The heels are a love letter to Cheech & Chong, and my uncles.  They were “best buds” and that’s how I’ll always remember them.


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